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Giving thanks does not mean you have to surrender pain

That was one of the wisest things I heard today, I think on the Today show by some rabbi. I have always liked rabbis. They are like priests who understand more about the people of the religion than the deity. A lot of Christian leaders are all, "God said so and so!" and rabbis are usually, "God is strange, but who isn't?"

He said that many people are afraid to have gratitude because they think it means they have to give up any struggles they may have. That's not the case: you can be thankful and still want to improve your life.

I have had a hell of a lot of pain in my life. This year, especially, has not been so hot in our family, especially when it comes to health. But thanks to that nugget of wisdom, I feel I can give thanks to many things without caveats and being all bitter.

- I am alive
- I can walk and my arms and hands work pretty well
- I have my eyesight and my brain
- I am employed at a company that is pretty cool
- I am married to a woman I love very much
- I have a son whom I love very much
- I have a house that stays warm
- I have pets that are not sick (whom are awesome pets)
- I am not poor
- I have a huge metric ton of friends
- I have a car I don't keep sinking money into just to keep it running
- I live in America where I truly believe a long-overdue revolution is brewing
- The Internet

What are you thankful for?
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