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Links - Left over from last year

To about three of you in the last few weeks, I mentioned this poor guy who had to clean up his mom's house who had OCD. I got some facts wrong, mixed it up with another story, but the truth is he's a guy who lives with his mom with OCD, but it's a photo wonderland of living with a woman who is addicted to eBay. Ignore the "You're not a member!" warning on the forums, and scroll down. Click on the pretty picture links. When eBay rules your life, house, and gets posted on the Internet.

I have to confess, when I first heard about iPods, I kind of thought they were like this. I am bummed, because I came up with this concept in Junior High. Then I kind of gave up when Japan came out with Capsule Hotels.

Again, this guy does bizarre song requests, and posts them. I was so intrigued, I bought the album for a piddling $5. Totally worth it, even though it comes on a CD-R with the album name written in Sharpie pen. Some of my favorites are, Sexy Debater Techno ("Do an intimidating intro for a debate team"), Celtic Techno Burrito (Extended), I am Bjork ("I live in... Iceland... an arctic county... slightly smaller than... Kentucky..."), and Underage Stalkers ("Do a song about these teen girls who bother me at my job!"). This is the second time I have posted this link, but I have mentioned this site a dozen times to a lot of you at parties, and this site is teh fun-NAY...

I really posted this for ironkite and aurienne, who I know will "get" this music like I do, but hell, why not share it with everyone. The Coconut Monkeyrocket, modern music I could only describe as eclectic retro sock hop mixed with Tiki lounge. Check out "Caffeinated Señor" and "Shopping for Explosives" in their mp3 section.

Hey, look! Colonel Sanders as Nosferatu on a shirt. Kewl!

God, did I just say "kewl?" I am so embarrassed.
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