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Massive ... fall cleaning?

There is a pile of trash by my stairs about 4 feet tall. It's about 11 bags, I figure. It represents about a day's worth of cleaning of my son's old room, my old den, and the bedroom. To be fair, some of it is a bunch of crushed and damaged empty boxes.

I moved a majority of my critical items from my old den to my son's old room. The swap is mutual: my son wanted a smaller room closer to his bathroom, and I wanted a larger room with windows. Also, my old den has no carpeting, so it should better for his asthma (so they say).

Part of the house's "computer operations" originated from my den, which meant a lot of yesterday was not only cleaning up my son's room, but moving all the computers and networking stuff to the closet up in the bigger room. Luckily I had a lot of boring meetings recently, and planned it all out on paper while my boss and some of the other admins took 20 minutes to discuss a minute's worth of material.

My son's old room still has no working door. I need a circular saw to cut the new door to the size of the old one, plus a little smaller since the old door didn't quite fit. But using a power screwdriver and a rigged spade bit, I was able to make some holes in the old door that make it friction-fit to keep the pets out.

My cats love computers. They want to sit by the hot fans and clog them with cat hair. They also love chewing on cable ties, Velcro wraps, and then fight over who gets to be near a window. Sometimes, they hide so I won't see them to shoo them out, and they get locked in, and poop on the floor.

Yeah, my den has to be a cat-free zone.
Tags: asthma, cats, computers, den, pets
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