punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Flu shot?

I never get flus shots. I used to get them, many, many years ago, but I found that flu shots made me sick. It would get what would feel like a mild cold for 3-4 weeks: sniffles, achiness, mild dizziness, and I felt ridiculously tired like I had run for hours. I guessed this was because they gave you something that competed with the flu and while it gave you a cold, you'd never get flu-sick, and I was just overly sensitive.

Later I heard that most flu shots inoculate you against a limited set of known flu strains anyway, and you're SOL is you get a new strain or one it doesn't cover. The whole thing seemed like more a miss than hit, so I have declined ever since.

This last doctor's visit, they asked if I wanted one, and my knee-jerk response was "NO," but later that night, I wondered if they have improved flu shots, and if I am now 39 and not in my early 20s and should consider it. My doctor said, "Well, if you want it..." and seemed surprised I declined, but didn't press the issue when I said I always got ill from them. I also though, "Man, what if I get the flu, but become a carrier and not get sick, and give it to dozens of other people like a Typhoid Mary?"

What do you guys think? Should I get all shot up and flu-free?
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