punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The move continues

CR is now sleeping in my old den, and my den is now getting set up in his old bedroom. There's still a lot of moving that still needs done, but most of my furniture is out except a filing cabinet and a shelf. The majority of moving now means carrying boxes and assorted loose stuff from his new room to my new den. And then doing the reverse for his stuff. Sadly, since his room is smaller, I have to take all my stuff out first before I can put his stuff in.

Last night, after stacking some containers and consolidating crates of stuff I just tossed together, I repaired my "new" (really, stodgycat's old) dual-recliner love seat. We had taken parts out to fit it through my door, and I put them all back and reclined in my new den... gazed at my new ceiling fan making a nice breeze... and felt relaxed.

The tiki that guards CR's roomGod, though, the walls are so ugly. The previous owner's two older boys had this room, and the decor was a strip of border paper on the top of the walls that show killer whales mating or something. The rest of the white walls are dotted with teal green sponge prints, as you can see on the left. I think I will get some base coat and white it all out, and then eventually paint the walls a very calming pale blue and pale green.
Tags: cr, move, room, ugly walls
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