punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

This is like a bad Monty Python sketch

Clarification: This is a mock interview, but done on a real news program.

The ship in question was the Kirki, and the incident happened in July 1991 off the coast of Western Australia. After the incident, the ship was towed to Singapore and broken up for scrap. The guy on the left (the senator claiming the front fell off) is the New Zealander comic John Clarke, and the interviewer is Bryan Dawe from "The 7.30 Report," an Australian nightly news program. John Clarke and Bryan Dawe have presented a (usually) weekly mock interview covering a topical issue. Dawe is the interviewer, while Clarke plays a prominent public figure, but unusually for satire, he deliberately makes no attempt to imitate the appearance, voice, or mannerisms of the person he portrays.
Tags: dsiaster, humor, maritime, monty python, ships, video
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