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Still sick

Well, I managed to pull off takayla's party yesterday. I mean, I had help. She did all the planning at Sakura, and CR helped me clean up the house (which was still pretty clean from MY party last month). I set up the decorations as best I could, but I was so weak and out of it, no amount of caffeine and sugar could keep me focused.

I managed to make it through the amazing dinner at Sakura, and then when we got home, I just crashed. I stayed in our bedroom, took more meds, and the evening became kind of a blur. I came out to serve cake, I remember that, and I recall Kenny made me a sort of hot toddy like concoction, but given my penchant for not drinking alcohol, whatever he put in there nearly knocked me out on the spot. I went to bed and don't recall how I got there. I woke up at around midnight to hear laughter and mirth. I got really sad I couldn't join anyone and watched SNL for a bit before I fell asleep again in a half-daze.

Sometimes when I get really sick, I hallucinate. I kept thinking some huge helmeted demon was looking for me. Like some bad graphic novel, this thin-headed figure with glowing eyes and no facial features was drifting about, looking for a place to settle and cause mayhem. But for some reason, my house had become invisible. My "guardians" had turned the house into some innocuous lumps of rock in a moor. The helmeted bad guy kept getting confused, and finally just left like some disappointed explorer. I felt sort of safe, but stayed quiet as I had visions of why this guy was here, and my guardians said what brought him here, but it's not nice, so I won't post it. I am getting really good at spotting evil lately.

I got paged twice, but the systems went up minutes after they went down, which usually means a network issue. I didn't have to sign into work, which was good. Why was I being paged so much this weekend? It kept me from getting restful sleep.

When takayla came in around 3:30am, one of the cats freaked out and ran around the bedroom in one of those "kitty krazies," taking out the lamp next to my bed. This took out a whole bunch of other stuff on my night stand, and spilled a lot of tea on my Linux laptop, but nothing got anywhere but the plastic cover, so I think I was spared. This scared me so bad (the noise) plus I had to search the floor to find my work pager, clean up the tea, and make sure nothing else was missing, I couldn't get back to sleep. I was awake until like 6:30am. I watched "Scrooged."

I woke up a few times to go pee (because Tad and Tammy's voice in my head about drinking lots of fluids will be with me until I DIE...), and then got paged for work. What is it with our incoming mail systems? Anyway, my lungs hurt, I still have a clogged head, but I actually feel about 20% better. I hope I am well by tomorrow.

I'd like to thank those who came to the party, and again apologize for being all sick and woozy and out of it. I am sure I said something awful and stupid to somebody, so if that's the case, don't take it personally.
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