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Some movies I recently saw that weren't so bad...

I have recently seen a couple of films that were considered "awful" or did poorly in the theaters. But unlike "Hitman," these films had some good points if you didn't take them seriously.

Plot: Family of beermakers finds out their illegitimate ancestry when a relative dies. Somehow, this involves an underground fighting style beer drinking contest between nations and a stolen beer recipe.
My son watched this film and said it was teh fun-ay. I was dubious, but he was right. There were some very funny moments, and the film never took itself seriously. An example is a main character dies, and then it's found that he has a rich twin brother who looks and sounds exactly like him, but slightly cooler, and insists on being called the same name as the dead guy... and then continues in his dead brother's place like nothing ever happened.

Ghost Rider
Plot: Stunt cycler inadvertently makes a deal with the devil, and is forced to be his bounty hunter at night in the presence of evil. This makes him suicidal, he gets involved with an old flame, and rival of the devil wants to kill him. Hilarity ensues.
Fans hated this film, and it did poorly in the box office. I heard it didn't match the comic book series, which I never read, so nuts to the fanboys, I say. I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was simple, the characters rather flat, but the film stayed focus on the story pretty much and the flow was even. The ending left a lot to be desired because it felt like writers were fighting with one another, but all in all, it was a cute little film. It was made better by the badass-ness of Mr. Flamey Skullyhead and his Chain-O-Fire. VROOOM! Props on the plump goth chick's account of being saved by him.
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