punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Still not at 100%

I think I have been "well" since Tuesday morning, but my lungs are still trying to collect gunk. I have had this happen before I feel better from a "minor cold" and a few days later I got pneumonia. Of course, that's not a forgone conclusion by any means, it's just after a few times of this happening, you get scared every time. I keep taking an expectorant (Mucinex), which seems to help. Perhaps I am worrying too much.

Last night I was well enough to catch up on some of the backlog of housework (laundry, dishes, trash) and moving my stuff from my old den to the new one. CR now had half of my old den available to him, including my old desk. I miss that desk because it was very functional and useful, but it was a particle board thing from Office Depot I got in early 1999, and it barely survived the move from Reston to Fairfax as it was. The base is split and sagging. But I paid $149 for it and it lasted me 9 years of good service, which is roughly $16/year. That's a good value in my book.
Tags: desk, health, medical, move, sick

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