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Work work work...

Yesterday, I went into the attic to get Christmas decor, and saw a total mess. It was like a tornado went through my attic. I sent most of an hour trying to sort things out. Luckily, only a few boxes opened and spilled out. The majority of the chaos seemed to be whole items placed all over.

I have a set of Ikea chairs I put in storage that were strewn about. Outdoor chair cushions were also all over the place. There were a score of empty boxes for small appliances and computer parts, which I assume we put up there for warranty purposes. The upshot to those boxes is they are very sturdy, and I am moving to a new den, so... yay for that. Our insulation is a mess, but now a different mess than it was last time I looked. It's like the insulation the COX idiots removed is now back (sort of), but insulation is peeled up on other places. I really, really have to get that attic re-insulated. There was a new hole in a roof. It's not a hole per se, but it's a gap that is only protected by one shingle. I have to fix that, too. I am surprised there are no leaks. The former owner's crap is still up there: mostly a few old pieces of clothing, some childhood art, and carpet remnants.

I got everything down that needed down. CR packed up Christmas last year, and did a pretty good job, I must say. I am very happy with his work.

takayla, anyarm, Brian, CR, and I set up the tree. It looks great. I did some other decorating, but then Latte got into it, and messed it up (not the tree, just a garland thing I'd been working on).

I did a lot of housework until about 3am. Just the usual clothes, kitchen, trash, vacuuming, cat box, and moving more stuff to my new den. I woke up at noon, and I haven't been able to "get it together" to finish a lot of my work. I started laundry, did some more dishes to the sink is almost empty, and probably will continue this trend until late evening.

I have to do shopping, though. Hmmm... and I keep getting paged from work.
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