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Santa hat

Working Christmas Eve

Yes, I am at work. We get off early at 2pm today, which threw a monkey wrench into takayla's day. Right now, as I type this, a bunch of my work mates have gone to get Chinese food. I leave at 2:30 so I can get a ride home.

The Metro was virtually deserted this morning, and I am not surprised. I had forgotten that being in a car with only a few people is kind of nice. Normally my 7am commute is packed to the walls with bitter and angry government workers. I am lucky that I get to sit most of the time. It's because I get on at Vienna, and sometimes the car doesn't fill up before I get to it. But two stops down, it's standing room only. And on some days, notably when it rains or the train has been slow, by Ballston, about 4 stops down, the cars become too packed to get more people on. The Metro simply cannot handle the riders it has anymore. How do they handle this increased business? Why increase their fares, of course. :(

I wore a Santa hat to work. anyarm, who gave me a ride to work, screamed, "SANTAAAA!!" and hugged me, which was a great way to start the morning. ALSO, Mars is the closest to Earth until 2016, and I showed her and Brian Mars, Venus, and the full moon in the morning dawn. Mars is so close and bright, you can tell it's orange. Venus, as always, is a dirty white due to its high albedo. I also explained a little about the ecliptic path. I wish I had become an astronomer sometimes :(.
Tags: astronomy, christmas, fares, mars, metro, moon, santa, venus
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