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LostCause: So I posted a question yesterday

It's a little heartwarming that so many of you would support me. You all are crazy, and attempting to follow a fool off a cliff. It's adorable. Here's the deal behind the question:

Many years ago, I had a strange premonition that it was my destiny to host at least one convention. I laughed and dismissed it. But every year there is no Evecon, it gets a little louder. And people have been pushing me in this direction. This also happened with my first book, and that turned out to be a great success. This year was really strong, with several people close to me suggesting I should do this. And I have some good ideas how to run this damn thing. But I have said, many times, I would not run a convention. What may make me change?
(4:08:18 PM) PunkWalrus: What a terrible idea, why am I even considering this?
(4:08:30 PM) StodgyCat: several reasons:
(4:08:35 PM) StodgyCat: 1. you miss evecon
(4:08:43 PM) StodgyCat: 2. you are SMOF at heart
(4:08:59 PM) StodgyCat: 3. you are frustrated at the state of Sci-fi cons
All these items are sadly true. But I am missing some key elements. Here's what blocks the road to making this happen.

- Focus. What the hell would this relaxacon be centered on? I think, "Ooh, things I like!" but that's too unfocused since I like many things. I'd have to have a point to determine what I'll have. Am I a sci fi con? I hate cons that "just are" unless they already have a long established base. TCEP is gaming, for instance. Balticon is SciFi. Katsucon is Anime. And so on. What hasn't been done that I want to do?
- Cost. I have no real idea how much this would cost, and how memberships would offset some of the costs. I guess I can figure this out by actually, you know, doing research. I'd make it close to home, like the DC area.
- Hotels. Contracts scare me. I have more horror stories than feel-good tales about hotel management.
- I won't have fun at my own con. I have seen convention runners the day after. They are not having fun. They are having Maalox moments.

Based on this, I think the name might be:

League of Speculative Technology, Creativity, and Usable Science Edutainment


Welcome to L.O.S.T.C.A.U.S.E 2010

Again, I have no real plans to do this yet. It's in the "are you going to do it or aren't you? stage. Some philosophies behind the convention:

- This has a high probability of never making it past the planning stage. Please don't get your hopes up. If it does happen, there's an even greater chance it won't happen again. It has an almost 99% chance to disappoint and annoy everyone no matter what happens.
- Based on my experience, it will be a one leader sort of thing; at least at the beginning. This will reduce politics compared to a committee. I will run this, and be totally responsible for the inevitable downfall and footnote that will make Disclave's flood look merely damp.
- I want to severely reduce politics, even if I know well they cannot be eliminated. People should hate me, not one another. I want to keep my staff small and trim, with clear cut duties that are easy to carry out.
- If we grow past a few hundred, I may hand it off to someone more qualified, and try and finagle a position like Zaphod Beeblebrox and be a foppish and irresponsible figurehead alone. I want my own pimp cup, you know.
- It will be run similar to Fantek cons when they have only been a few hundred. If it ever reaches over 1000, it will be like a horde of monkeys taking over a TV station, and I will flee to a country with weak reciprocity laws at the absolute worst time to do so.
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