punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sweeny Todd and Futurama

Saw them both. Both were very good, but for different reasons, as you can probably guess.

Sweeny Todd is probably one of the best Tim Burton musicals I have seen since "Nightmare Before Christmas." This is right up there with Edward Scissorhands as far as gothic beauty in a film set. Helena Bonham Carter was an incredible gothic queen that I am sure to see many emulate in conventions to come because I see people normally wear that kind of bedhead without the corset or Victorian garb. Jayne Wisener was creepy in her almost anime-eyed doll-like beauty in contrast to everything else.

Characters were strong and spot on. I am was also blessed with the fact that while I knew it was a musical tragedy, I had never known the details of the story, and it kept my interest (even though my theater seats hurt like hell). The music was awesome, although I must admit, people sing/talk so fast, it was hard to pick out words, but that might be my hearing loss.

I also got the new Futurama DVD. If you like Futurama, you WILL like this DVD. Very hysterical. Laughed through pretty much most of it. Might make you angry if you hate spam and ID thieves. And so you won't be disappointed, there is no nudity, despite delivering a packaged of bar stool softener on the nude beach planet (heh). I say this because while searching for Futurama wallpaper one day, I was a little... alarmed, maybe... at people who are obsessed with Leela and Amy Wong. Surprised? Not really, but as Ralph Bakashi once said through Frank Harris in "Cool World":

Noids do not have sex with doodles...
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