punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Has anyone head my "cat and doors" theory?

Anyone who has had a cat knows how frustrating it comes when you have have a door that is open some times and shut the rest of the time. Cats literally cannot figure this out. And when you see the cat meowing pitifully at the door, when you open the door, they either leave or just hang in the doorway, going neither in nor out.

This is my theory: cats get confused because doors are not a natural phenomena in the wild. Think about it. When is a path of common access blocked and unblocked randomly throughout the day in the wild? Generally, once something blocked (falling tree, collapsing cave, flood) it stays blocked for a very long time if not forever.

So when your bedroom door is shut, the cats either try to dig past it or meow for someone to unblock it. So then why don't they run in? Because I think cats just want the access unblocked, know you can do this, and once you have, the problem is fixed. Whether they actually wanted *IN* or not was not the point.

Tags: cats, doors
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