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OLPC Part 8: Starbucks Envy

OLPC Webcam picture of me at StarbucksI am at Starbucks. I was supposed to be cleaning, but I was talking with daecabhir (why did you choose an LJ name so hard to spell??)for awhile about Balticon PR, and then I started writing a comedy bit about Goth Parrots ("Polly gonna cut herself if she don't get a cracker"), but it was going nowhere fast. I got a migraine and then had to nap past it. Then I needed caffeine to clear out my head, so here I am at Starbucks.

In order to "save" my entry, I will just keep editing this entry. It's been hard to type this far. It's taken an hour. Why? Because people keep talking to me. "Oooh, is that the $100 laptop? I heard Intel quit them. I heard it was not $100! Wow, it's cool, though..." :)

I was going to upload a picture of me but Flickr is currently having database issues. I am finally using a mouse I got back when I worked at AOL. It was part of some gift pack I got when I worked Systems Operations. It's very small, and a little annoying normally, but perfect for this teeny laptop. It also has an auto-retractable cord, which is nice.

I installed SimCity and played that for a while. It works, but I couldn't get it to change speed or play sounds. Or save :(

Oh, and my time zone is WAY off. This post was made nearly half a day in the future (fixed). I have to set my time zone.
Tags: olpc, starbucks
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