punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Hurts my bones

Man, all that work yesterday put a stress on my joints. With all the weather changes and arthritis, I feel like "Owwww..." I got a lot of stuff done by the time the night was done. There was more moving of stuff between CR's room and mine. Now he has 2/3rds of my old den to himself, and I cleared out a small alcove that had a lot of old computer books and CDs. Now I am starting to pile his boxes of his stuff in there.

I have found out that "Little Tykes" vehicles (you know, the large rounded trucks and cars for little kids) comes out real clean in the dishwasher if you wash them on "Heavy Duty" and turn off the "heated dry" (was afraid they might melt). I found some of CR's old trucks and stuff, and gave them a good clean scrubbing. I think they might do okay in the attic, because while it gets up to like 140 degrees up there, I have plastic boxes that survive just fine. And now that I have sorted out the attic, there's more room.
Tags: arthritis, little tykes, move, washing
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