punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Good news, everyone. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back... sorta

It's now called, "CinematicTitanic."

Joel (who I always liked over Mike) is hosting new shows via DVD, and then download. This time, it's direct-from-net distribution of DRM-free DVDs and (soon) DRM-free downloads (Joel says that the delay for downloads is due to the right holders for for the movies they spoof worrying about piracy). They have a trailer up. From their press release:

"If you know people that are MST3K-curious, please let them know this– that the original cast of the show has landed here and are making a shimmery new movie riffing experience."

Cinematic Titanic is a feature length movie riffing show and is an artist owned and operated venture created by Joel Hodgson, the creator of the Peabody award-winning Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Cinematic Titanic features the original cast and writers of MST3K, which is Hodgson (Joel Robinson), Trace Beaulieu (Crow), and J. Elvis Weinstein (Tom Servo). Filling out the ensemble is Mary Jo Pehl (Pearl Forrester) and Frank Conniff (TV’s Frank).

No Dr. Clayton Forrester, whom was also a favorite for the original, original show back on the Comedy Channel in the early 90s.
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