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Some more more odd memoribila from Neal's mails

I have found a treasure trove of some weird stuff Neal and I sent to one another in 6 years from 1981-1988. Yeah, he sent it to me years ago, but I just re-found it a few days ago. So far, some highlights:

- The pictures I posted on Flickr
- In an interview I held about "Do you remember Neal, years after he left?" shuttergal, labeled herself as a "D-F student," (I hope that means grades, not Dumb... something), and said of Neal, "He was weird, and read too much."
- Neal once translated Lucky Charms into Latin: "Cordes rosei, lunae flavae, stellae aureae, virides, y adamantes"
- There's a copy of "The Poet Laureate," Longfellow Middle School's newspaper, which contains the FIRST published comedy piece I had ever written and published. It also was the first time I had an editor change the meaning of something I had written. The joke was "Types of substitute teachers," and the edit was a disclaimer they wrote in that none of them ever taught at our school. I was pissed, as I had penned in (for Neal), "They MADE me write that!" Sadly, the article was NOT as funny as I had remembered.
- A copy of "This is Your Captain Speaking," a story I wrote, submitted, and got rejected twice. It was about a guy who got high on spoiled pancakes on an airline flight. This story marks two milestones: first time I used the pen name "Grig" and the first mention of "Punk Walrus," who was a minor character in a hallucinogenic fantasy. It was also not as funny as I remembered.
- Nancy's Calligraphic Button Catalog: Volume Six: "Attack of the 50 Foot Calligraphic Button Catalog"

Man, there's a treasure trove of my past in this.
Tags: childhood, letters, neal
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