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Twenty years can sure make a difference

This was Bruce and Cheryl's VW Beetle. I am not sure where Bruce got it, I assume it was one of the many "used and dumped" vehicles he got from a relative. He had relatives that had a habit of buying a new car, driving it until it stopped working, and then buying a new car. Bruce found most of the "non-working" cars were simply because nobody did a scrap of normal maintenance on it except fill the gas tank. No oil change in 40,000 miles sort of neglect.

When Bruce hooked up with Cheryl (1986?), I don't recall if his family didn't approve (she was 19, he was mumblemumble), or what, but they kicked Bruce out of their homes, and he and Cheryl *lived* in this very car for like 6 months, often camping in friend's back yards until they got a house in Hyattsville.

Bruce taught Cheryl how to drive in this car. He joked that's why the passenger's side door had scratches on it; from his grip.

FanTek Beetle - when it was working The famous FanTek beetle lies to pasture
Then - 1987 Now - 2007

Cheryl wanted to sell me this car when the photo was taken, but shortly afterwards, it died and could not be resurrected. But they kept it, even when the moved to Fort Washington (now called Friendly).

I also still have one small white reflector from this car. A little round dot the size of a quarter.
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