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I am not sure why I am in glee about this, but I am

Okay, I worked for AOL for a little over 9 years, and 6 of those years were in Reston, which was kind of a “sekrit skwerl “ hidden bunker location for a while. Our Dulles Campus, in all its glorious sprawl, contained all our main stuff, but Reston used to be the main NOC (Network Operations Center), and then a major backup NOC for many years which worked in tandem with Manassas, Gainesville, and Dulles.

Well, they shut that place down in 2007, and I always wondered what they did with it. It’s now a WATER PARK with PONY RID—just kidding. Actually, I still don’t think it’s occupied, partially due to a “major emergency auction” stodgycat alerted me to. They were selling off all the leftover office furniture and the entire cafeteria (sinks, ovens, tables, the lot). Now, I had always liked my office chairs at AOL. I used the same one once for 4 years and it never broke. I also liked the desks we had, which were simple trestle style legs with a fake stone Melanie surface. So I bid on some of them. Pennies on the dollar, literally. $1500 office pods going for $5.

I ended up with 2 chairs and a desk. I bid on a lot more, but some of the auctions got out of hand. A 3 x 4 whiteboard (normal one, aluminum frame, white surface, no pens or erasers) went for $170. There’s buyer’s remorse about to happen. I have no proof of the condition of the items; they used the same photo for every item that was the same, but they did put “minor soiling” or “armrest missing” where appropriate in separate descriptions, and I bid on none of those, so perhaps I am good to go. I mean, I expect some wear of course, with Cheeto stains and pilling of fabric maybe, but it’s the support pistons I am most concerned about. The chair I have in my den now can be described thusly:

[takayla’s work] ===> Interception point ===> [a dumpster in Baltimore]

This piston long gave way, the lever to activate the piston broke off, the armrests are almost bare foam, so I sit at my desk like a I am riding a low-rider motorcycle (cue thumping Chicano music).

I get to visit my old office when I pick them up later this week. Squeeee!
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