punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Katsucon is COMING!

This is just wrong... so sorry, Mark...Katsucon is coming! yes, we had the last crash meeting again, and even though I was late because of the vets, I got everything done in record time. I met Tom who gave me some tech needs, I met Keith who gave me his view, and Opening Ceremonies will be at 10% better than last year! :-P

Man, I hope they don't stick me at 3pm again. Kieth said over his dead body, it's at 7! Tomas from tech said, "I heard it was 3..." Colette didn't know what time it was. The website shows 5! What merriment! It will probably be 3 again, which means 100 people will attend. If it was held later, we'd get a LOT more people because we'd get people who came to the con from work and school, people who have already gotten their badges and room... Nobody likes OC in programming. We always get pushed to unpopular hours. That makes me a saaaaad panda*. Man, I should really give those 100 dedicated Katsucon fans some kind of cheap freebie for showing up. Maybe I'll think of something. What can I bring that's light and I can toss to 100-150 people from a stage? Ooooh... I just had an idea...

Well, if you want to SEE me, and you get to the con early, look for Opening Ceremonies, drop by for an hour, meet guests, and scream, "WE LOVE YOU PUNKIE!!!!" I'll be happy to hear from you. Surprises are in store.

I got to show off my OLPC some more. I'll be bringing it to the con, too. I might bring my mutant tentacle if I ever get the damn thing.

I finally gave squire_liz back her OTAKON HAT WITH EARS! And damn if I wasn't sad to give it back, after almost a year of trying to give it back to her after leaving it in our car.

I am so excited for Katsucon...

* :-p Okay, just kidding. I'll be fine.
Tags: hat, katsucon, tentacle
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