punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Storm is sick

I mentioned earlier I went to the vet. Ahfu was due his shots, and Storm has started to have some discharge from one nostril. She doesn't act sick, per se, other then the sneezing. But no fever, no change in behavior. Crabby as always. The vet was not optimistic that antibiotics would do the trick, given no other cat has gotten sick, and it's only from one nostril. Could be... well... I won't say it.

Ahfu also has a heart murmur. Both Ahfu and Storm are roughly the same age; Ahfu is only a little younger, but both are around 9. When I was growing up, I was led to believe that cats had a long lifespan. My family's cat Daisy lived to be 16, and Shasta lived to be 21. But my record isn't as good:

Pookie: 10 - Heart attack
Mikey: 4 - Kidney infection
Oreo: 6 - Total intestine and bowel failure
Artoo: 13 - Kidney failure (mostly old age, though)

I am not sure why cats don't live as long with me. I feed them right, clean the cat box, give them plenty of water... and they never die to to neglect. I just feel unlucky.
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