punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Like goth architechture? Like in a New Orleans style? Want some in your house?

The historic New Orleans House in Arlington is totally being gutted. It went out of business, and now they are auctioning off chandeliers, wrought iron railings, brass lamps, statues, spooky paintings, and so on:


I remember this place before there was a Rosslyn. Or a Crystal City. Back when those places were old warehouse districts. The New Orleans House was a classy place amid the dark brick boxes that used to surround it, and after the 1970s, it was this itty bitty house amid tall glass and steel skyscrapers. Like some WB cartoon.

They are also auctioning off some heavy duty, old-style, time-tested restaurant kitchen supplies.

Anyway, thought you guys would want to know about this. Ya freaks... :)

Seriously, if money was better, I would be so bidding on some of this stuff!
Tags: arlington, auction, crystal city, new orleans, new orleans house, rossyln
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