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For my Trek fans out there: are there Klingon Nerds?

On this forum, someone asked this, and I wrote this long speculation about it which I think deserves special attention to my readers, since many of you are Trekkies.

I think it depends on how the Klingons were viewed by the writers and audience at the time. In TOS, I think they were seen as more Genghis Khan in nature, whereas in TNG, I thought they were seen more as some kind of old bureaucratic warlord society, like Bushido-era samurai clans.

So I went here to see an overview of their race, since my ST knowledge is sophomoric, at best:


It's funny how they justify the change in special effect face makeup. Hah. Anyway, it would seem that they were a feudal system that were united by one warlord, and their culture was influenced later by some flu virus that allowed them to lose head ridges and "feel fear," which is kind of abstract IMHO; how would you define fear from self-preservation? Fictional race, Punk, fictional race... anyhow... the current (TNG) status seems to be a fascist/feudal crossover with strong family ties and unstable politics much like Japan or China in the late 1500s to almost the 1800s. I looked to that era to see how inventions were processed. The bulk of new discoveries happened in the late 1800s with the allowance of foreign influence to what had normally been very closed borders. China was heavy into trade before that, of course, but didn't have a kind of technological revolution that the west had. So it would seem that the Klingon society structure is VERY difficult to achieve things like space flight without some kind of external influence. But let's just say they managed anyway.

I would imagine that there would be "honor" in inventing a new weapon to crush some opposing family or clan. At some point in their culture, there must have been a kind of arms race. And like the US/Soviet era, this probably made science a kind of top priority. There had to be family secrets on various weapons. But how they would share these secrets is a mystery because of the isolation of each family group would clutch these secrets very tightly, and the only way information could get shared is through spying or stealing. I can't imagine this was very efficient, because scientific discoveries thrive on cross-pollination of ideas, and discoveries and inventions that would have taken a few years in the US in, say, the 1950s, would have taken centuries, perhaps, in a Klingon like structure. There's no central base of scientific knowledge, and why would there be?

For this to be possible, I would have written in something that Kahless the Unforgettable would have mandated a central repository of scientific knowledge, and any Klingon worth his salt would have at least one family member study there, and contribute their knowledge. But can you imagine the stress of such a college? Warring members of other clans would make hazing quite deadly.

I would also imagine that space travel came from the need to have orbital weapons, and thus an arms race outside of the planet would have sparked a need for space presence, which led to colonizing other worlds, and so on. This may have created massive "mega-noble clans" where science accelerated inside these clans because everyone was essentially on the same side. Plus spies and stealing from other clans for the "cross pollination."

Now for a Klingon "nerd" himself. Or herself? Klingon women might have had more of a hand in this since they run "family affairs," and thus have more time to study while the men are out cutting apart one another. Thus, it's easier for me to accept the females had more book learning. They were still competitive, so we have to figure out how they shared info while still retaining the ability to pass along scientific knowledge. Perhaps there is a Klingon code for that. "Preserve the mysteries by constantly revealing them; the weak will never grasp what the strong can understand," or something.

So I'll postulate that a majority of techs were female. The men would keep up by commanding them to invent or build something.

So, in my theory on nerds of a fictional race by someone who is a cursory Trek fan at best would say your average Klingon engineer is female, rarely discussed to another race, and a silent partner in keeping the Klingon "war machine" up to date with their alien peers.

Please, any hard core Trek fan is invited to poke holes in this.

And as a side note, let me share my favorites from here:

  • By filing this bug you have challenged the honor of my family. Prepare to die!
  • What is this talk of `release'? Klingons do not make software `releases'. Our software `escapes' leaving a bloody trail of designers and quality assurance people in its wake.
  • Klingon function calls do not have `parameters' - they have `arguments' - and they ALWAYS WIN THEM

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