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Some bad news for the FanTek/Bellydancing community

For those of you who were with FanTek in the 1990s, you might remember a bellydancer named Amira. She gave many talks, ran many panels on bellydancing and spiritual healing, and my family roomed with her during most of the "Fredrick Holodome" years of FanTek cons.

Amira had been battling a CNS lymphoma brain tumor, and in one of her last letters with me a few months ago, she stated she was under some part time home care. "Metaphysically I've talked to my tumor and agreed it may stay ONLY if it does not interfere with that which I need to live," she said. "If my cancer is to kill me, I want to be here with my dog." She was working on starting a new holistic cancer therapy.

Her friend Velvet just connected me and let me know Victoria "Amira" Bedford passed away last night.

I kept meaning to call Amira, but like so much else, it got pushed down the stack. I made one attempt to call her, and there was no answer. I really should have made more attempts. Some family friend I am.

I will miss her. I guess you just assume some people will be in your life because they are in the back of your head. She is survived by her son, Peter. Peter and the family still haven't made any final decisions about the Memorial Service, but if you'd like to get some information, it's being handled by the Botetourt Funeral Home in Buchanan, Virginia. Phone: (540) 254-3000

This was the last time I saw her, at the disastrous Imaginecon back in 2000. Not the best photo, given the dress, but she's on the right with her friend Miraj:

Rest in peace, Amira.
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