punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Man, today was one of those days...

... that I wish Metro Rail had bathrooms. Nothing like getting a delayed allergic reaction to... something while the train stops for no explained reason at all between Takoma and Silver Spring. Before the train just sat on the tracks for 15 minutes, I thought I could wait until I got to work. But then it just stopped and waited, and waited, and then once in a while the conductor would come on the loudspeaker and go, "Lalala station lalalalala..." I mean, if you're going to mumble into the loudspeaker like a drunk and sleeping frat guy passed out on your couch, why bother? I thought I was going to explode and do something I hadn't done since I was four right on the train.

There have been a few times I have been forced to get off at Union Station and go through their mall to deal with such emergencies. I call it "Metro's $3.00 toilet fee" because that's how much it costs to get off at Union Station, exit, plow through MARC commuters, do my business, and then get back on to finish my journey to work.

Because I had to hold it so long, I think I broke something. My tummy plumbing is all bent up and sore. Ow...
Tags: bathrooms, metro, toilet
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