punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I am not going to remember this entry

Really. I am posting this to myself in the future, and thank God for spelling correction because I am making a mistake about every 3 words or so.

When I wake up, I can barely function. I can't do simple math, typing and writing is very difficult, and I come off as crabby because everything, every sensation hurts a little. Lights, sounds, and even smells make me irritated. I vaguely recall this happens most mornings I have to get up on weekdays. I can also recall that I only remember about 20-40% of anything that I do, say, or hear.

Literally, many mornings I "wake up" either at work or on the Metro with little to no recollection on how I got there, only a vague sense of events. I have been told I carry on normal conversations and do mostly normal things.

It's a little scary, like I have a double life. And my other life is dull.
Tags: memory, sleep
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