punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My sad, sad web page

Holy crap, my web sites sucks. I mean, it used to be fairly decent, but it’s stuck in 2003 based on some programming I did back in the late 1990s. I keep meaning to update it, but I can’t think of a style or layout, nor do I have the time to really redo it.

My site has changed focus so much. It’s all about my blog now. And Flickr photos. I know I can easily incorporate them into some basic framework, but I have to actually, you know, DO it. I have scanned through some free templates, and they all suck.

So I downloaded Bluefish, and started on it there. That’s when I realized most of my CSS knowledge has decayed from disuse. Which means I’ll have to read up on it again. And that requires work and time.

I am considering a Victorian theme. I’d do a comic or anime theme if I knew some good cartoon illustrator who’d do it for free (or some free meals). But all the ones I know that I like their style... do it for money. And with good reason.

Maybe I'll add "need to learn how to draw" to that list.
Tags: html, web, website
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