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Old TV, new TV, red TV, blue TV

So we got this new TV. It’s actually used and a few years old, but it’s very nice and had I bought it new, I wouldn’t have known the difference. It’s the result of my sister’s divorce, and her “payment” for staying with us, which I think is closing on its second year. Honestly, she’s been a good roommate, and while I can’t understand why she wants to still live in that guest room with two dogs and a cat... and all her stuff... and her fiancee’s stuff... she’s never been a bother and has actually turned out to be pretty handy at times.

The HDTV was a saga in its own because it was promised to us the day she came to our house. We didn’t get our hopes up, because you know how divorces can go, so we were patient for almost two years to get it. “I don’t count it as ours until the day it’s in my bedroom, working,” I would say. And I didn’t want to hound her about it because... well, that’s rude. I mean I wanted it, but I didn’t want to get all excited and then never get it and become bitter over a gift I probably don’t deserve, anyway. While the saga was interesting, as far as divorces go, I won’t go into it out of respect of privacy. But it was worth the wait!

The TV we had was a Samsung 25“ TV we got when we were poor back in 1994 or so. Best Buy had a ”dent and scratch“ table, and we got the TV for $125 at a time when it would have gone for over $400 new, and the only reason it was on that table was the fact it had some huge scrape marks on the top and had apparently ”been dropped.“ That TV replaced a Zenith 18” which was a gift from my dad (which he got for free for opening up some bank account, IIRC) when we got married. We also have my late brother-in-law Fran’s TV somewhere... I think in the guest room. Plus I have a small black and white portable I got free from “Circuit City Express” when I used to work next to it (part of a “drop your business card in a fishbowl” contest). We still have all those TVs because they never “went bad,” they just got upgraded. And I hate to throw out anything that still works. Maybe anyarm and I will have that garage sale we keep talking about but never actually planning.

The new TV is a huge, 40- or 50-something inch back-projection Toshiba HDTV. The picture quality is pretty good, but we don’t have HDTV on our FiOS yet (we have to get a new box). The most impressive thing, though, is the sound quality. Holy cow, what bass! In fact, on some Toshiba scale of 0 to 100, we had to turn the bass down to 16 because it was vibrating the floor and I was afraid it would be annoying to my sister below us. The sound is not with some muddy, over-blown woofer sound, either, but a rich, deep, clear, “pounding your heart with the fist of god” bass. The 3-D sounds that come from this TV are so realistic, often I wonder “What’s that sound in my hallway? Oh, it’s the violin section from the soundtrack of the movie I am watching.” I am not kidding.

“We’re probably the only people in this neighborhood with a projection TV in the family room and the bedroom,” said takayla. While I am not sure if that’s true, it can’t be that common yet. In any case, we better redo our inventory of what we own for insurance reasons.
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