punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

More moving

Well, I did more moving of stuff Sunday from CR's room to my new room. I moved all my knick-knacks to my new shelf. I took several boxes of Legos and condensed them into three large bins, and then a few unopened complete sets were sorted into various smaller boxes. I have about 65-75 gallons of Legos, if anyone is keeping count. I know I do :).

I wish I had more Lego time. I was trying to think of the last major Lego set I built, and it was the Viking ship I got for my birthday years ago. I have about 10 sets I haven't even built yet. That's why I stopped asking for Legos as presents (for now).

Then the power went out around 3. That pretty much killed my day. The wind was really bad yesterday, and finally, it took down some power lines nearby. I couldn't do much but move boxes around until it got too dark to see, and then the house was pretty cold because I have electric heat. I couldn't watch TV, and CR left to go eat Pho with his friend Eugene. I couldn't do dishes, vacuum, laundry, or anything but read Mad Magazine by candlelight.

My house was without power until maybe about 7pm. When it came back on, it stuttered a while until it finally stuck. During the daylight, I got some cleaning down that didn't require electricity, like some good scrubbing in the kitchen (until I ran out of hot water) and then the long terrible task of cleaning up foam peanuts.

Because of takayla's Slumber Party business, she was out all day. Another issue we have with her business is that she gets products packed with those foam packing peanuts. Lots of them. Generally we have about a trash bag a week filled with excess peanuts. Latte got into one of them, and scattered them all over the house. In addition, she decided that not only are foam peanuts fun to play with, they were also fun to burrow into and sleep in. We only knew she was in there because she snores very loudly. It took me an hour to clean up all the loose peanuts Latte scattered everywhere.
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