punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Today got off to a bad start...

It was really cold, which is fine, but there was a lot of wind, and when it gets windy, it's even windier on the Vienna Metro station platform and in front of my office building. It was 14° F outside this morning, and it was like -3° with the wind chill, but that's what the radio said, I am sure it was lower with the howling wind on the platform and in front of my building where the air was so cold, it was difficult to breathe because my nose froze shut and my teeth ached if I opened my mouth. And the train was late because somewhere on the Blue line there was a switching problem, and since the Blue line shares tracks with the Orange, this cascaded down to me. My hair froze on my head as it was still wet from my shower. Everyone on the train was extra grouchy, and I couldn't ignore them because I had no music to drown them out.

I couldn't drown them out because my MP3 player has developed this nasty habit of turning itself on. It did this over the weekend, and then drained the battery to zero, so I had no music coming in. I had just recharged it, too. I had left my book on the library table, which was fine, I wasn't getting into it anyway.

While I understand the need for small talk, I swear if one more person states it's cold out, I am going to say, "DDDDDUUuuuuuUUUUUhhhhHHH!!!" in the most drawn-out, sarcastic, passive agressive manner I can muster, rolling my eyes so hard into my skull sockets they squeak, and extending my jaw longer than one of Todd McFarlane's demon spawns.

I forgot my watch. It's probably still on my night stand. I don't know what time it is unless I look at my cell phone, and it's hard to be subtle when someone is talking to you and you look at the time. Since I have no internal clock, I am a SLAVE to timekeepers like a watch to keep rhythm.

My boss is STILL sick, coughing and snorting like a backed up drainage pipe, and with everyone who has been sick around me, it's been a bloody miracle I haven't gotten sick yet. My nutritionist was sick on Saturday, and she had the same thing. I figure the fates that be are waiting for Katsucon to strike. I have been raising energy, taking Zycam, and wondering where the hell my echinacea went to. Of course I have a meeting with the man later today, and I'll be exposed to even more germiness. My hope is that I already had this a few months ago, and I still have the antibodies for it ciculating around.
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