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Katsucon - Pre-review

Well, work is in chaos when I got to work today, There was an internal server change, and nothing works anymore, because all our profiles are hopelessly munged and nobody can do much of anything.

It’s a Microsoft thing, I wouldn’t understand.

So while I take some time to write a decent review, upload all my camera pictures, and whatnot, the gist of Katsucon is I had a great time, it was relatively incident free, and as I said all weekend: I AM STILL NOT SICK!

Yes, despite the fact I have been holed up with sick people for the last two weeks, many in small offices with people sneezing and coughing on me, I have managed to (so far) avoid any martian death flu plague. Even with the stress of Katsucon and being with 6200 other fans sneezing and possibly wiping their germy hands on doorknobs and elevator buttons. I think once or twice I felt close to getting sick, but I downed echinacea, kept my feet warm and took hot showers. Whether that had anything to do with my health or it was just voodoo placebo coincidence, I have no idea. But as of today, I have managed to avoid a deep illness of any sort, and yes, I am PROUD of that. Even if I get sick and die by the end of the week, I am happy I got this far.

Go me! :)
Tags: cons, conventions, katsucon
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