punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Anyone want me to build them a computer?

I was bored this morning. I am working from home because the ice is all over the place and there's no leaving this street (why don't they ever salt... ah, we don't have a HOA... that's right...), and while waiting for a migration and backup at work, I decided to see how cheap I could build a friend a new computer that does basic stuff (e-mail, web browsing, office). I came to around $250 for a system using brand-name reliable parts. It's a Micro-ATX form factor, so it would be less than half the size of your normal desktop (think the size of a standard collegiate dictionary).

- Small black case w/300 watt power supply
- AMD Sempron 2.0ghz chip
- ASUS AMD Motherboard w/ Video, Network, sound, USB
- 1 GB RAM
- 120gb Western Digital Hard drive
- Samsung DVD/CD burner with Lightscribe (so you could write ON the CD)

TOTAL SYSTEM: ~ $250 (not including tax, shipping, assembly)

Assembly (my fee for friends): $50 or returned favors, includes assembly, test, software install and customization.

- Windows Vista Home = $109 or Linux (any flavor) = $0
- MS Office = $379 or MS Works = $60 or Open Office (MS compatible) = $0
- Monitor: you could use your old one or an Acer 17" LCD = $170
- Keyboard and Mouse: you could use your old ones or = $15

Keep in mind that this is not some OMGWOW gaming system. If you tried to run Call of Duty or even World of Warcraft, people would point and laugh. But I could probably build you a nicer, different, and larger system for about $700 that could handle those specs.
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