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I wish I could team up with some artist.

I have a lot of really awesome graphic novel ideas, but I have the drawing skills of a 4th grader. I know some of you would like some of my ideas, even if they seem a little strange in the introduction phase.

For instance, one of them was an anime/Star Wars crossover, “Mary Katherine Jaden: Jedi Schoolgirl.” The setting is a few hundred years in the future, where the “Jedi as a religion joke” has morphed into a real society where psychics and science have mixed to a point where the Jedi philosophy has turned into a Roman Catholic Church-like dominating world religion. And thus, they have schools for children like old school CCD, but you learn light saber skills, telekinesis, clairaudience, martial arts, and school sports.

The Saint Kenobi School for Girls is where Mary Kate goes every day, suffering normal teenager issues amid a strange and often conflicting religious doctrine. She lives in New Tempe, a giant walled city and underground complex in what used to be the state of Arizona. A combination of global climate, famine, disease, and war in the 22nd century has reduced the world to walled city-states that have an uneasy peace with one another, where the “Order of the Jedi” has been acting as a kind of grand unifier. But the Order is also fairly corrupt and always seems to be on the verge of an internal war of its own, something like near the end of “Animal Farm.” The history of the world has been heavily altered by the church, and so there are the privileged believers and the commoners who are full of dissent and a few splinter groups who yearn to seek the truth.

The stories incorporate some favorite “themes” of mine, including “what if fandom ruled the world,” dystopian post-apocalypse, and powerful young women as a main character (one of the reasons I like anime). Yes, I know about copyright issues with Lucasfilms, but I figure if I ever got serious about this, I could take out the Jedi element... but schoolgirls kicking ass with light sabers seems so COOL, you know?

Just picture it: a girl in a brown and khaki plaid skirt, white shirt, thigh highs, and loafers. Her multi-braided hair held back by a hairband, and a religious necklace of some kind hangs from her neck, glinting in the desert sun. In her arms is a book/laptop combo. On her hip is a training lightsaber held awkwardly by a large belt, which also doubles as a fanny pack for her other essentials.
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