punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I hurt

Holy crap.

So, for the last few days, I had been feeling another wave of migraines coming on, the second wave this year. After a lot of studying of it during the last wave, I am beginning to think they are related to my old neck injury, partially because this might explain why my migraines sometimes shoot into my chest, arm, and cause partial (minor) paralysis. Before I took medicine for them, I'd actually act like I was suffering a stroke: my whole left side would get hot, numb, and then my left eye wouldn't focus. My left hand couldn't grip.

But this last wave has been the worst in recent memory. The wave started a few days ago with some of my least favorite kind: the slow and long kind. They barely hurt, but the attacks last for hours. Then, at stodgycat's party, I got a STRONG attack after I got a bright strobe of light from my friend's John Korb's strobe flash (I am not upset with him, this is my issue, not his). I was talking with Tammy and lohquesse, and Tammy's kitting started to glow with a strange ring of lights, which made me sick to my stomach, but later, hah, it turned out my glasses were dirty.

Then yesterday, my family hung out with goodgothgirl and doktor_jess, which was cool, but then my migraines hit something fierce because I stared into the sun unintentionally. My the evening, my head hurt so much, I became sick. My sinuses hurt like they had frostbite, the whole room seemed red and spinning, and I'd black out here and there. I ended up eating a lot of chocolate and drinking Mountain Dew (which also helps kill the metallic odor and taste my migraines have).

Today I feel like I have been beaten up by an octopus. I feel bruised and drained.

I hate my migraines. I find no use for them.
Tags: health, migraines
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