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Tech - Blog move

[Testing this post via e-mail...]

So now I am fully on LiveJournal. It feels good. Hopefully, I won't have
to screen comments, deal with blog spam, and this community seems more active.
It's worth the $25 so far.

I moved a lot of my links from punkwalrus.com to here. It appears seamless
due to creative use of frames. Only a few links had to be changed, and they
were propagated using css.

Already I have started parsing some of the old Greymatter files in perl.
They are pretty straightforward, since they seem to be three lines of text:

- Header junk, with date, title, and other stuff
- Some other line I don't know what it is
- The blog entry itself, where hard returns are 3 characters "|*|"

So I got it so I can create a custom text file, and now I am working with
the LJ::Simple module to post entries. I got a program to post test entries
and back date them on LJ. Now all I have to do is strip the date info out of
the Greymatter headers, convert it to epoch time, and then I can run the
program in the background to post my 700 some odd blog entries over the course of
a day (it takes about 20-40 seconds per post, depending on length).

Of course, does anyone even care if I post my old entries?
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