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I hate doing bills

I am in a mental war whether to do bills, or not. I have to do them, but another part of me resists, and the whole thing is making me very depressed. It's 1am, and I am barely doing anything but staring at a pile of bills. I don't understand what the problem is, and I seem to be unable to force myself to do them, which means I will be up all night until I make myself do them.

This weekend was an odd mix of being on call, getting paged, and all kinds of silliness. I had a very relaxing time babysiting for the Heare kids on Saturday. It was the first time I really bonded with "SR," as she will be known in my blog, because that's what aksident calls her over IMs (the others are K-Man and Spike). She's nine, very astute, and also a lot smarter than she lets on. Fandom teaches you many things, and one is the measure of true intelligence and wisdom versus arrogance or personification, because we get assaulted by a lot of examples of all those qualities in their various exaggerated forms. SR is damn smart and has a scientific bent she shows from time to time, but keeps this card folded close to her chest for reasons I can only guess at.

So on Saturday, I introduced her to a non-Newtonian fluid mix of cornstarch and water. She was mesmerized and played with it for almost an hour; describing out loud the experience as she experimented with doing different things. Like the mind of a scientist, and not the pink foo-foo Barbie model we thought she may end up as because she was very pink foo-foo Barbie girly at a young age.

I didn't get home util 1am, and then I had to do some online work until 4:30am because the new DST time change has fucked up computers (the OS is usually okay, but the software we use never got a patch when the bew DST changes were made by Bush, so they all crashed).

Then I got invited on a spur-of-the-moment thing and ended up at Hooters with a bunch of erotic toy and sexual aid distributors (long story, har har). I am not really a fan of Hooters, mostly because I am not into sports or ogling girls. While our company was nice (we're all going to new Orleans next month), I was still a little creeped out by the single men who eat there. People who look like "Larry the Cable Guy" sit there, eating and drinking alone, watching the skinny and busty women like lions watching elk. Yeeesh.

Then I got a migraine, got really depressed, and now I have to do bills so here I am.
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