punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Damn, I am tired.

Two hours of fitful sleep started off my day. I got most of the bills done by 4am, and I have a few more to go. Then I have to balance the checkbook. Oy.

Actually, I was decided to go to bed at around 3am, but I was having a kind of mild anxiety attack over bills (even though nothing is actually worse than it's been since on average since 2000... it's weird) and didn't get to sleep until maybe around 4. I even took a shower to calm down.

I got up at 6am, like normal, and since I had only taken a shower two hours earlier, I didn't need to take one again. And I was actually awake and alert for most of the early morning like I had gotten my usual 6 hours of sleep. I wasn't tired until about 9:30, and then it hit me all at once. I drank some coffee, but my stomach had shut down again, and so coffee just sat in my stomach fermenting.

But thanks to many shifts with FanTek security back in the day, I remembered that when coffee doesn't work, try lots and lots of water (thanks Tad). At the very least, you will have to stay active to drink the water and run to the bathroom all the time to pee, but it somehow will wake you up eventually... or at least stabilize those blahs one gets when one only has a few hours of sleep. And the water is effectively neutralizing that acidic coffee.

Still... I am going to bed early tonight for sure.
Tags: bills, financies, money, sleep
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