punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My gold stars for this weekend

I spent most of today upgrading my central home Linux box. It was Fedora Core 6, and now it's CentOS 5. I was tired of Fedora always going out of date after 2 builds after the Fedora Legacy project died, and I wanted something I wouldn't have to re-install for a long time.

I also cleaned up our master bedroom bathroom, and it looks almost new! I stun myself when I go in there, it has a white counter top, and all the faucets and tiles are shiny. I also tossed out expired medications, which, if my bulk of labels are to be believed, I hadn't done a sweep like this since 2005. That's not good... :(

I also hunkered down and tried to improve my Swedish a little. I am happy to report that a lot of stuff I pick up sticks, but it's a slow process. I really wish I had insisted my mother speak Swedish to me; damn my father's rules on it, but I didn't.

Last night I was out with takayla and mysticpaws at Amphoras. takayla ate some chicken chili that wasn't cooked properly, so she's in bed right now, rather ill.
Tags: cleaning, computer, housework, linux
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