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Some swedish

I am still trying to get a better grasp on my mother tongue from all over the Internet. Nobody here speaks Swedish that wants to hang out with me. This is very sad. But I have been speaking Swedish in my head so long today, I keep accidentally speaking English like a foreigner. I have to snap out of it.

Some words and phrases I found recently:

Jag orka = I have the energy/enthusiasm.
I have been translating a book I got in Stockholm, a cartoon called "Nemi," about a goth girl living in modern times. One of the men next to her at a bar said, "jag orkat inte långre," which means, "I don't have the energy to go on much longer." "Inte," in Swedish, negates the verb, so "Jag vet," means "I know," but "Jag vet inte" means, "I don't know."

Pysslar = To busy ones self, like craftmaking, often used when speaking of children.
It's pronounced, "Pews-sla," I think, since "y" is like "oo." Little Swedish kids are often told, "Gå och pyssla," as in "Go and busy yourself [with playing]." Little Swedish tykes will "pyssla" by "låtsas" (pretending), "klä ut sig," (play dress up), or "lek med leksaker" (play with toys). Not to be confused with pussla, which means "do a [jigsaw] puzzle."

lyckopiller = happy pill
Again, from Nemi, explaining the loud poet after he gets sex. "Jag har lyckopiller," he has happy pills.

Two friends of mine who MAY be coming with me to Sweden next year have very literal English names. "Chans" and her younger sister, "Scharlakansröd-ros." I will have to introduce them as, "Döttrar av min kamrat, Sean. Mata inte sillströmming, tak..."
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