punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My gutters are still down

Last night's wind really blew things around, and all my gutters are still on the ground from the front of my house along with a few pieces of vinyl siding. But we're insured, and they will supposedly send a check next week.

Last time this happened, the check only covered 70% of the cost, but that's better than 0% I guess. Part of the problem is the soffet is rotted, which will have to be replaced, and that's gonna cost me.

We're going to go with Avec Construction again. They did our new deck, and replaced the gutters on the back, and their quality of work is outstanding. If the estimate is low enough, I might also have them replace the breaking sliding glass door on that deck. But these guys don't do credit cards: only cash, so that might not be possible.
Tags: cosntruction, deck, gutters
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