punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Some more Swedish

Based on a conversation with stodgycat, these may come in handy some day if I ever party in Sweden:

tölpaktig = boorish
plump = rude
full = drunk
hög = loud
avskyvärd = obnoxious/intolerable
förargelseväckande beteende = drunk and disorderly
genant = embarrassing or awkward
amerikansk = American (from the US, as opposed to kanadensisk)
skam = shame (noun)
barn = children
Varför skrattar du? = Why are you laughing?
Förlåt. = I am sorry.
Jag vet inte dessa folk... = I don't know these people...
Ja, dette är mit barn = Yes, these are my children.
Rödhårigen kvinna är med mej. = The redhead is with me.
Ha det så roligt i arrest! = Have fun in jail!

Tags: swedish
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