punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Angry, petty, and minor rant blown out of proportion

Okay, about 8 years ago, I got this nifty thing that was uncommon back then, but rather common now. I got a USB enclosure for IDE hard drives. I got it off of some Hong Kong tech distributor for like $30. You could take any IDE 3/5" hard drive, stick it in, and use it like a USB drive. This was handy when copying disks, backing up stuff that was more than a CD could carry (this was before DVD writers were cheap, and a 16mb USB stick was "large"). And it worked great.

It had 4 parts: the box you put the hard drive into, a USB cord, an AC adapter, and some fanny pack to contain it all (which it didn't, it was always too small for the AC adapter). It had Japanese writing, so I never knew the company. For many years, I used it at AOL for personal as well as business use.

Until the USB cord went missing in 2002. It was a proprietary USB cord (actually, that's not true anymore, but it wasn't sold in the US back then) , so that made this setup useless. Figuring it was stolen, I took the rest of the setup home, bummed. When I left the wardialing department in 2004, a coworker "found" the cord, and said, "I think this is yours... not sure how it got in my office." Not sure how it got there, either. But yay! Now I could use it again. But in 2 years, where did I put the rest of the stuff?

When I left AOL in 2005, I found the hard drive enclosure, but not the AC adapter. Then, later, I found the AC adaptor, but then the USB cord, which I stuck in the enclosure, was missing. Then I found the USB cord, but the enclosure was missing. Figuring it would show up someday, I put the cord in the fanny pack.

I found the AC adapter and the enclosure (with a wardialing hard drive still in it, heh) last year, but then the fanny pack with the USB cable went missing. Then I found the fanny pack when I moved to my new den, but the USB cable wasn't in it anymore. Then I found a USB cable that would work just as well (from my camera), stuck it in the enclosure, but now the AC adapter is missing.


Yes, I KNOW I can get a new USB enclosure with all the stuff I need for a measly $30, but it's the principle of the thing; I don't want to pay for something I already have!!!

Tags: hard drive, rant, tech, usb
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