punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

A suit against me

I keep forgetting New Orleans is less than 2 weeks away. The only things I have a "must be time" for is Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday in the afternoon. Since I arrive Thursday afternoon and leave Sunday, This leaves most of Friday morning and afternoon, and the rest of Saturday after about 2pm and all day Sunday until the late afternoon.

I have to wear a suit. Ugh. I hate wearing suits. I always look like a hobo who stole someone's suit off a clothes line. I don't really have the shape or posture for a suit, and the suit I have used to fit me, once. To give you an idea, I wore the suit to anyarm's baptism, and if I stood in a certain posture, my pants didn't touch any part of my body. Like the suspenders held them up like those flying wire acts seen in big theater productions. I had it tailored for me and everything. Frozen in a moment of time when my body was shaped like so.

The only part I like about dressing up, truth be told, is the tie. I like a snazzy tie. Not a tacky tie, but one with a touch of good color and style without making you look like a clown. I loved a lot of Jerry Garcia's ties (the line, I don't know if the late Grateful Dead singer ever wore them). I had this awesome Jack Skellington tie once, but I wore it out. My tastes ask, "Could I wear this to a business meeting and not look like my six year old picked it out for father's day?"
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