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More unexpected calls

I wanted to clean my house tonight because I have guests coming over. I didn't get to, and here's why:

I got a phone call.

Last time I got a phone call this random, it was to pick up a friend from the police station a few months ago. I won't go into that, suffice to say it was based on a misunderstanding that got out of hand. This call was from my friend Jason, whom I will name, because he was stranded in Vienna for several reasons.

First, he was flying in to give a dissertation on the NSF to get funding for astronomers (he is an astronomer, see). But after his presentation, he found that the hotel had overbooked, and he couldn't get one. No worries, he's got local family. But his mother, who lives in Lynchburg now, was unable to pick him up because she was sick. She had the key to her younger brother's apartment to let Jason in, but said Jason could just come over. But Jason's uncle didn't show up. Jason called him, went to his house and knocked the door, but no answer. So then he called me.


We were more than happy to pick him up and give him a place to stay. We took him out to dinner, and spent some time catching up. Normally, we have a 1-year gap between visits, but this was only 3 months. We discussed the usual stuff; his classes, Daytona (where he lives), the space program, telescope time, what he was doing in DC, and various tech subjects. I really like Jason a lot, and I realized he's been my friend now for 22 years! Amazing. Our friendship is old enough to drink.

Later, he got ahold of his uncle, and so he didn't have to stay with us after all. Bummer. But at least he gets a bed and doesn't have to do the couch thing.
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