punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Weekend wrapup

So I spent most Saturday cleaning with CR. My house is now clean... er...

I swear, I'll never get a glass-top range again. Holy hell, that thing is hard to clean. I have used all kinds of cleaners on it, from mild soap to "only for glass stovetops" cleaner. I have used oven cleaner, and even scraped it with a razor blade (which worked the best, but it really hard since the surface is slightly bumpy).

I then spent the evening with Bruce and the Heare kids at Chuck-ee-Cheese. Bruce had never been to one before. And he will never go to one ever again. Poor Bruce. But for those keeping tabs on "where are they now?" Bruce finally has left his hell-job at Bethesda Medical Labs. Now he's working for [censored] working with [censored, but rhymes with stromatolites], where Cheryl works.

And I have just heard from Eden Miller. That may only means something to some of you. It makes me VERY happy, And her resume is now very impressive. http://www.edenmiller.com

Sunday, takayla and I celebrated our 20th "meeting" anniversary by getting massages at a local spa. The actual date was April 1st, but we're both working Tuesday. Because of this date, I can tell you Balticon in 1988 started on that date. We spent the rest of the afternoon eating Chinese food and playing "Mario Party 8" on the Wii.

Asian pears, by the way, are awesome. We're doing more shipping at Super H Mart recently. Hello Kitty cookies are also surprisingly good. They are shortbread... so, they are a little high in calories. In fact, I have never seen a small box of children's cookies over 500 calories in my life.
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