punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Things found in the office printer

It amazes me, that people send stuff to the office printer and then just leave them there. I am not sure what goes through the mind of these people.

This is how I roll:

1. I need to print this item
2. I send the document to the printer.
3. I go to retrieve it.
4. Task finished.

This is the part I don't understand:

1. Someone says, "I need to print this item"
2. ????
3. ????
4. Punk finds it in the printer tray or next to the printer.

If it's something generic like printing out a mail with directions to an office meeting, or a snippet of public code, no big whoop I guess. But far too often I encounter things in the printer tray that are far too sensitive for what I'd define as "public knowledge." And it's not like they were *just* printed, I have passed by the printer for days to see some of the following left out, waiting for someone to pick it up, at the various companies I have worked at:

- Personalized medical instructions for some ailment ("Living with chronically draining pus...")
- Gaming stats or scores ("Red wizard needs food badly; Valkyrie has shot the food!")
- News stories of some random local event ("Local woman with wooden leg marries woodpecker")
- Porn (usually pictorial, but also erotic literature, "Softly, he grabbed her hot thighs...")
- Confirmation receipts of some on-line purchase ("Confirmation of your order from Dominatrix4Cheep.com: please keep for your records")
- Personal identity info (W4, credit apps, bank statements, etc)
- Sports betting pools (isn't this illegal?)
- E-mail I wouldn't have shared with anyone else ("John, my doctor has informed me to tell my past few lovers to please go to a clinic right away...")
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