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New Orleans - Day 1

Well, we got here safe and sound, despite a rough landing that shook everyone up. It was a SLAM to the ground, and no bounce afterwards, so it was pretty jarring. But everyone and the plane are okay.

I am now in the Marriott on Canal street, and I went out to find some grub a little while ago (food, not the universal boot loader). I went all over the French quarter because it was tough finding a "grocery store" that wasn't really a liquor/lotto/tobacco/crime syndicate outpost. One guy, with the look of "you ain't from around here, are you boy?" look to his eyes pointed me to the A&P. Which I never found, but after wandering around the French quarter and dodging tourists from Minnesota, I did find another market that not only had fruit and veggies, but sushi! Although... I am not sure I'd trust it... heh. My rec room was bigger than this store, but it had probably most of the stock of a store much larger; they really made good use of space.

I really dislike beggars hanging around ATMs. That totally sucks. :(

Wild Cherry M&Ms! Wow! And... they aren't so nice. Well, I'd never know if I hadn't tried.

The big news today is they are filming some movie on Canal Street. This has screwed up traffic in front of our hotel something fierce. Not only that, but you're not allowed to have cameras, they have warning signs everywhere, they are detouring pedestrian traffic, and security is *everywhere*. As I type this, the NOPD has taken down the barricades, but apparently they resume filming tomorrow and Saturday,
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