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New Orleans - Day 2 - Part1

Last night I went to an amazing party. I got to see all kinds of beautiful women, one of them I am lucky to be married to. I took pictures of some fake celebrities in a Vegas like framework that reminds me of an AOL Christmas party many years ago, but sadly, after I unpacked this morning, I found I packed the wrong cable for my camera. So for now, you'll have to deal with my various cell phone pictures, which sadly are superior to my Nikon Coolpix in the single factor they can take pictures in low light.

Vegas showgirlsI really should have been told, "The Nikon Coolpix L4 is great for taking pictures of things in sunlight, or any subject less than 2 meters away from the flash. Anything else will take 3-5 seconds for the picture to take, use the flash, and all the photos will come out dark and grainy. If you disable the flash, the brightness level will be correct, but the picture will be blurred to the point of being useless. Like a solar panel, it is designed for outdoor use only." Have I complained ENOUGH about this camera? I am totally aware I have posted paragraphs of angst with gritted teeth about it since I got it in 2006, but I can't help myself; I have to let it out. I actually punched the camera last night. That's not very mature... but to give you an idea, the photo on the right was taken with my cell phone. The same photo on my Coolpix is almost completely a dark brown with only dots and lines to give a hit that there are dim shapes of women with feathers on their heads.

Well, I am off to the aquarium before they shut off Canal Street again.
Tags: camera, new orleans
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