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New Orleans - Day 4

As I start writing this, there's no wireless in New Orleans Louis Armstrong National Airport. But I have like 2 hours to the next flight, so I am making best use of my time. Then none of the TMobile or ATL-WIFI connections worked in Atlanta. But I suspect my wireless card isn't very robust; the last wifi card I had in this laptop also exhibited the same behaviors. I thought the card was bad, so maybe I was wrong. What if it's the PCMCIA slot on this Dell Generispiron? Both cards from the same el-cheapo brand, Trendnet, but I don't have any issues with them at work or at home. My old, crusty Cisco Aeronet 350 can always connect on 802.11b, I love it, but I can only get them on eBay these days.

I bet you are glad you read through my troubleshooting, weren't you? So exciting! Wait until you read about getting my DecTOP to work with a USB Zonet rt2x00 driver! Woo, you'll wet your pants!

I didn't go out Saturday night. I stayed in with my beloved, and we watched "Enchanted," which as so many fannish people had said, was very good. The story was tight, a little deeper than we expected, and had some thought provoking moments about society's absolutes that was conveyed fairly well by some surprisingly decent acting.

We ordered pizza from Rotelo's. I had to pick it up in the lobby and me and the delivery guy missed each other for a few minutes. I blame it on the fact that not only was he relaxing in a lounge chair with the pizza lying next to him, he didn't "look" the part at all. He was wearing, swear to God, an old-fashioned train engineer costume. You know, striped overalls and the striped cap? I doubt it was his delivery uniform, but he looked right out of some Thomas the Tank Engine episode. He also didn't fit the stereotype of a pizza delivery guy: he was an aging hippie with long hair, a long beard, and small round sunglasses. Very surreal.

My beloved and I fell asleep to Saturday Night Live, wincing at Christoper Walken's dependence on cue cards. We woke up to Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in "Practical Magic," which is a fairly feel-good film if you are Wicaan (IMHO). We left the hotel, a little tired, and a little sad.

Overall, I had a good time in New Orleans, but takayla did not. She came for business reasons, and it wore her out. And like most sales conferences, there was an older, established "in crowd" that she hasn't broken into yet. Some of these ladies are very serious, and ... you know how that goes. Also, she didn't get to see New Orleans very much, whereas I saw enough to last me for a while. My good friend Brad once said he hated this town, and I saw some of the things he saw about the filth, the tourists, and some of the less pleasant human elements of a town that essentially celebrates debauchery. I see things differently than most, and I took FULL advantage of the spiritual flavor of this town, which I really can't go into in a public blog. However, I had some moments and conversations that left me feeling less lonely and and little more focused in my short term future. Pieces are coming together.

For these reasons, I plan on trying to get back to Salem, soon. This coincides with trying to go see apeyanne and see what she's up to. I need cheap flights to Boston this summer. Brave suck-ass Logan again. I hate that airport...

Speaking of airports, TWO airlines went out of business this weekend. ATA and Skybus. And they didn't have any warning, they went out like a light. Some of the other people were ske-REWD at the sales convention because of this, not to mention Skybus pilots and flight personnel at our hotel.
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